wentieth Century Poetry Suggestion Honours 4th Year Exam

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Honours 4th Year Exam 2022 Held 2024
Department: English (Twentieth Century Poetry: 241103)
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01. What is the problem with  Prufrock? 100%
02. “The Waste Land is a sign for vanished glory of past.”-Explain. 100
03. What features of song do you find in ‘Morning Song’? 100%
04. What prayer does Dylan Thomas offer at the end of the poem ‘Poem in October’? 100%
05. Why is  Prufrock unwilling to compare himself to  Hamlet? 100%
Or, Why is Prufrock not willing to compare himself with  Hamlet?
06. What are the different stages of journey in the poem, ‘Crossing the Water”? 100%
Or, Describe the different stages of journey in ‘Crossing the Water.
07. Write a short note on ‘Surrealism’, Tiresias. 100% On
08. How is the battle of sexes reflected in the poem ‘The Rival’? 100%
Or, What impression of the battle of sexes do you find in Sylvia Plath’s.poem ‘The Rival’?
09. Why is London called ‘unreal city’? 99%
10. Why is ‘April’ cruel to the Waste landers? 99%
11. Analyze T. S. Eliot’s treatment of sex in The Fire Sermon’. 99%
12. Trace the poet’s shades of feelings on his birthday in ‘Poem in October’. 99%
13. Comment on the inner conflict of  Prufrock. 98%
14. Bring out the ironical implications of the title ‘The Love Song of J. Alfred  Prufrock’. 98%


01 Comment on W. B. Yeats’ treatment of history and myth in his poetry. 100%
Or, Show Yeats combines myth with philosophy in his Poetry.
02. Critically comment on Yeats’ use of symbols. 100%
Or, Write a note on the symbols used by Yeats with references to the poem.you have read.
03. What personal elements do you find in Yeats’ poetry? 100%
04. Show how Eliots’ ‘The Waste Land’ reflects the disorder and decay of modern civilization. 100%
Or, Discuss how T: S. Eliot reflects the disorder and decay of modern civilization in ‘The Waste Land’
05. Discuss the use of symbols in the poem of Dylan Thomas with reference to ‘Poem in October’.
06. How does Dylan Thomas treat his childhood in his poem, ‘Poem in October’? 100%
Or, Describe the treatment of childhood in the poem, ‘Poem in October’.
Or, Comment on the treatment of childhood in the ‘Poem in October’.
07. Write a note on the theme of salvation in the poem ‘The Waste Land’. 100% 00%
08. What are the symbols used by the poet in ‘The Waste Land”? 100%
09. Write a critical evaluation/ appreciation of the poem ‘Crossing the. Water’ by Sylvia Plath? 100%
10. Discuss the use of myths and imagery in the poems of Sylvia Plath. 100%
11. How does T. S. Eliot make a link between the past and present in ‘The Waste Land’? 99%
Or, How has the poet fused the past and the present in ‘The Waste Land’?
12. How does Sylvia Plath present motherhood in her poem ‘Morning Song’? 99% Or, Make a note on the theme of motherhood in the poetry of Sylvia
Plath with special reference to ‘Morning Song’.
13. ‘Sailing to Byzantium’ deals with Yeats’ journey from the sensual to the spiritual world. Discuss. 99%
14. Comment on the poetic technique of Sylvia Plath. 99%
15 Write a critical appreciation of the poem ‘The Rival’. 99%

wentieth Century Poetry Suggestion Honours 4th Year Exam

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