American Poetry Suggestion Honours 4th Year Exam

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Honours 4th Year Exam 2022 Held 2024
Department: English
(American Poetry Subject Code: 241109)
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01. How can the poem ‘Wild Nights Wild Nights’ be regarded as a poem of mystic experience? 100%

Or, What religious significance do you find in this poem?
02. How does Dickinson treat immortality in her poems? 100%
03. How long will the poet continue drinking the alcohol or nectar from Nature? 100%
04. Why was Warren unwilling to hire Silas anymore? 100%
05. What is the background of the poem ‘O Captain! My Captain!”? 100%
06. How does Walt Whitman express his grief over the death of the. Captain? 100%
Or, Why does the poet cry out ‘But O heart! heart! heart!”?
07. What did Langston Hughes learn from his visit in the rivers? 100% om
08. Write a note on Whitman’s use of symbols. 100%
Or, Short Notes: Mysticism, Silas, Harlem, Monologue.
09. How does Walt Whitman describe the lilac-bush? 99%
10. What does the poet ignore in order to lilaust respect for the person he loves? 99%
11. What does the speaker of ‘After Apple-Picking’ foretell about his dreaming? 99%
12. Analyze the theme of the poem “The Road Not laken”? 99%
13. How are the rivers mentioned in ‘The Negro Speaks of Rivers’ associated with the Negro slavery? 99%
14. How was the singer singing on Lenox Avenue at night? 99%
15. What did the poet and his neighbour do in mending the wall? 98%
16. Was Robert Frost wise in choosing the road not frequented by people in ‘The Road Not Taken’? 98%


01. Discuss the mysticism in Emily Dickinson’s poetry. 100%
Or, Discuss Emily Dickinson as a mystic poet.
02 Write a critical appreciation of Emily Dickinson’s ‘I Taste a Liquor. Never Brewed’. 100%
03. Discuss the major themes in Emily Dickinson’s poetry you have read. 100%

04. Death is the recurring symbol of Emily Dickinson’s poetry. Illustrate. 100%
Or, How does Dickinson explore different aspects of death in her poems?
05. Write a note on Whitman as a mystic poet with special reference to
his poem ‘When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom’d’. 100%
06 Evaluate Walt Whitman as a poet of democracy. 100%
07. Evaluate Robert Frost as a poet of Nature. 100%
Or, Point out the characteristics of Frost’s poetry which mark him as a poet of Nature.
08 In what sense is Frost a modern poet? 100%
09. Discuss the elements of anti-racialism in the poems of Langston Hughes..99%
10. Evaluate Hughes’ poem I Too, Sing America as a poem on racial.inequality..99%
Or, Show the racial inequality in the poem “I, Too, Sing America”?
11. How does Langston Hughes expose some ugly aspects in American life? 99%
12. Give an estimation of Langston Hughes as an American poet with reference to the poems you have read..99%
13. Depict the theme of alienation in the poems of Robert Frost. 98%
14. Point out the characteristics of Frost’s poetry which mark him as a poet. of nature. 98%
15. Discuss the major themes of Langston Hughes’ poems you have read.

American Poetry Premium Suggestion Honours 4th Year Exam

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